Product Safety Data Sheets

We use the best environmentally sensitive products and the latest technology.

All our services and management programs meet Australian (ISO) and Food Industry (HACCP) Safety Standards.

  • Advion Ant Gel

  • Attrathor

  • Biflex-AquaMAX

  • Bio Plus Drain Cleaner

  • BOC Fogg Gas D Size

  • Chaindrite Aersol

  • Cislin 25 ProfessionaI Insecticide

  • Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder

  • Crackdown Residual Insecticide

  • Detax rodent Blox

  • Ditrac Rodenticide

  • Dragnet Dusting Powder

  • Fogg Gas D Size

  • Fury 120 SC

  • Goliath Gel Cockroach Bait

  • Maki Block Weather Proof Rodenticide

  • Maxforce Active Cockroach Gel

  • Maxforce Quantum Liquid Ant Bait

  • Maxxthor Turbo Insecticide

  • NovaLure AgriSense

  • Pestigas De Size

  • Phantom Insectiside

  • Pysect Air - O - Mist

  • Quickbayt-Flies

  • Racumin 8 Rat & Mouse Rodenticide

  • Rodilon Rodenticide

  • Sumilarv IGR

  • Talon Rodenticide Wax Block

  • Tempo Residual Insecticide

  • Temprid 75 Residual Insecticide

  • Ultraforce Cockroach Bait

  • Ultraforce Cockroach Dust

  • Xlure MST Multi Spieces Trap

Pest Inspections

Before you purchase a new property, a pest inspection can be essential to identify any pest activity, in particular from termites, which may be causing internal damage to the structure of the property. Termites affect 1 in 4 Australian homes in their lifetime.

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Almost every Australian home may be at risk of termites, but do not lose hope. We have a range of services to Identify, eradicate, prevent, and protect your home from the termites.

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Pest Identification

The first step is to identify the pest that you have on your hands. Our specialists can help to identify the pest provide the best solutions to bring it under control.

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Find the right pest control solutions for your development.

For pest control, prevention, inspections and more, we can help.