Cleaning Services

First impressions are what drives customer focus and it is not until something goes wrong that we see the impact on health,  business and reputation.

Getting the balance between safety, level of risk and cleaning frequencies is important. Delivering to a management plan and measuring performance is vital to mimimise the impact on your business.

Allied works closely with all stakeholders to constantly develop new methods, tools and materials to improve our service delivery.

Your solution is our solution and your cleaning management program is custom built and localised to your specific requirements. We will submit a cleaning management plan for approval prior to engagement which will outline efficiencies, timelines and outcomes for service excellence.

We educate and train staff so that they know how to do their job safely and professionally meeting performance outcomes. Their ability to deliver to a high standard of service is derived from our Vision, Mission and Values where each person strives to deliver to the company motto, “delivering quality of standards and service excellence”

If you would like a localised and specific management plan please call our account managers on (02) 9635 0477.


Office Cleaning

Our well trained and reliable staff work to maintain a clean and sanitised working environment with minimal disruption to business activities.

Commercial Cleaning

ASA provides tailored cleaning solutions and specialised cleaning services for commercial kitchens.

Medical & Healthcare

ASA can provide professional cleaning and sanitary services for a range of medical and health care facilities. Our staff are trained in best practices to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety.

Warehouse & Industrial

ASA can provide high quality cleaning service for large scale sites.

Shopping Centres & Retail

We offer tailored cleaning services for retail and shopping centres that can provide the highest level quality and efficiency.


ASA offers a range of services including cleaning tables, chairs, service areas, kitchens, store rooms and offices. We can work within your schedule and budget to provide the best solutions for your needs.

Schools & Universities

ASA can provide cleaning and maintenance services for schools, universities and all educational premises.

Strata Maintenance

We work closely with body corporate to create specialised cleaning and maintenance packages that provide the best results within budget.

Lawns & Grounds

Allied Services Australia Mowing & Property Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of lawn mowing and property maintenance services. Individual and Corporate management plans are part of a commercial arrangement.

Bin Services
Carpet Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning

Allied Services Australia Cleaning Services Model

1. Daily Cleaning

Interior and Floor Cleaning

Washroom Services

Dust Control

Collection and Deployment of Mats

Vacuum Cleaning

2. Periodical Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Maintenance and Floor

Window Cleaning

Road Sweeping

Ground Cleaning

Pavement and Sidewalk

3. Special Cleaning


Duct Cleaning

Height Cleaning

Telephone Cleaning

Laundry Services

Facade Cleaning

4. Segment Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Health Care Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Food Hygiene Cleaning

Cleanroom Cleaning

Retail Cleaning