Allied Services Australia

Allied Group’s Mission Statement

To deliver services and programs that inform, educate and add value while embracing diversity and innovation.


  • Commit with heart and mind.
  • Exhibit dedication, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Be positive in all we do.
  • Be polite.
  • Be kind and practice tolerance.
  • Have regard for the feelings, wishes & rights of others.
  • Engage and actively participate in all roles and activities.
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit.
  • Promote pride in self, work and community.
  • Continue self-growth through education.
  • Keeping up with trends and actively seeking new information.
  • Being responsive and open to new ideas.
  • Be honest.
  • Adhere to moral & ethical principles.
  • Lead by example and be proud of your contribution.
  • Say what we mean and do what we say.
  • Work together as a team to achieve the common goals within the workplace.
  • Accept and appreciate the diversity of each person and his or her contribution.