Facility Management

Facility Management

An Integrated Approach

The costs of managing a facility are constantly increasing yet the pressure to provide high quality services and products for less never changes. Allied Services Australia seeks to maximise the value for what you pay.

The Allied Services approach to FM combines all support services into an integrated solution. By bundling services we are able to reduce overheads and allocate resources more efficiently.

Duplication often occurs when a business employs a security company, maintenance and cleaning contractor, for example. These individuals lack the incentive to work together or share information. Allied’s integrated approach integrates these services working together as a single team, improving efficiency and effectiveness delivering quality of standards and service.

Allied provide you the assurance that your service requirements are delivered professionally in a cost effective way.

Your site management plan is localised and specific to meet your requirements ensuring we provide you with the best option to manage the environment, budget, level of risk, compliance and comply with legislative requirements.

If you would like a localised and specific management plan please call our account managers on (02) 9635 0477