Bird Mites

Bird mites are a group of mite species that infest birds of various kinds, ranging from wild birds such as sparrows and ducks to the familiar domestic fowl such as turkeys and chickens. The chicken mite, which resembles a tiny, glossy brown seed with legs, is one of the mite varieties that come in contact with humans most often, but you may encounter one of several types that are able to bite humans as well.

Bird mites are tiny and typically translucent, but turn a dark brick red or black when they have recently fed, as the blood shows through their outer skin. They are often hard to detect except through their bites.

Bird mites are found mostly in moist spring or early summer weather and are naturally most common when there are birds nearby.

You may not see the mites themselves when they are attacking you because they are so small, although you will know when they have bitten you. A vicious rash results from their bites, and if your house is located in a dusty or exceptionally dirty area, there is a chance that your scratching might cause a secondary skin infection as well.

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