Possum Removal

Possums are a protected native species in Australia and are loved and adored by many, but they can become a problem if they find their way into your home or workplace.

Like rats and mice, possums like to chew and can cause damage to electrical wiring which can spark a fire. This can put your family, home, or business at great risk. Possums can be very loud at night as they scurry around in the roof, and keep your family awake. Their urine and feaces create a foul odour and can cause damage to the structure. This can also expose you and anyone in the building to disease.

A possum infestation can be harmful to a business’ reputation as well as put staff and customers’ health at risk. Possums can cause large amounts of damage to stock, costing your business money, and with the risk of them starting a fire, it is extremely important to act as soon as you notice any signs of an infestation. A possum can make quickly themselves at home, so even after one visit, you can be sure that they will return again.

Our professional staff will conduct a thorough inspection to locate the possum and identify the points of entry. They can quickly capture the animal and release it safely to another, more appropriate location. We block any possible entry points and can provide reliable solutions to guarantee that the possums do not return.

If you would like a localised and specific management plan please call our account managers on (02) 96350477.

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